Carol Dunlop

An energetic and personable networker, Carol Dunlop is among the elite in her field, her clients refer to her as a tech and social media phenom which fits right in with her tagline of being “TheOnline WOW! Strategist.” She is VP of Marketing and Communications at CSI Corporation, the company she founded more than twenty years ago with her husband Alvin. She is also VP of Marketing and Innovation for Write Books That Sell Now, a partnership she founded with two other women entrepreneurs. And is also serving as the VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships for ProWIN, a women’s business networking group in Atlanta.

Fun facts:
* Carol is a former Bodybuilder, Fitness and CrossFit competitor
* She has 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren
* She and her husband have been married and partners in business for 23 years
* Her podcast UN-Market Your Business airs weekly on Thursdays at 1:pm EST. You can tune in by going to