Kim Jones - Co Host

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Kim Jones is a professional motivational speaker and certified personal life coach who has an extensive background in the area of corporate training, coaching and development. Working in the capacity of a trainer and coach has evolved her into a skilled facilitator with the ability to connect with and inspire any audience. Her teaching and facilitating style propels people to take action for optimal success. She interacts with her audience and allows them to break down the barriers. Kim’s solid motivation and facilitating background have made her a trusted go to source for professional and personal development guidance with all her clients. Kim has an interactive style that allows her audience to participate in each of her sessions. Kim inspires men/women to stand up and step into their destiny.

Kim fosters a deep concern and passion for her people and shows true commitment to their success. Kim has the ability to transform individuals with her effective leadership skills. Kim’s ability to interject solid techniques and interactive humor will leave the audience anxious to apply her effective approaches to their lives.

Kim helps to foster women to build their self-esteem and confidence to create the amazing life they always wanted but did not know how to do by moving outside of their normal expectations and mindsets to step into their personal potential by implementing ideas, getting rid of fear and taking action.